San Antonio Missions National Historical Park

San Antonio Missions National Historical Park is a national park that preserves four Spanish colonial frontier missions in San Antonio, TX. These missions were founded between 1718 and 1731 by Franciscan missionaries to serve the Native American population of the area. There are two different sites you can visit at this historical park: Mission Concepcion and Mission San Jose. The first one was established in 1755 while the second one was established.

Mission Concepcion is the home of a beautiful atrium and fa├žade, which represents some of the finest Spanish Colonial art in America. There are also mural paintings done by artist Peter Hurd on its walls that depict life in early San Antonio history. Mission San Jose, on the other hand, has an interesting museum along within 1700s-era convento.

There are also other historical sites around San Antonio Missions National Historical Park that you should not miss, such as The Alamo which was the site of a battle during the Texas Revolution, or La Villita Historic Arts Village where visitors can learn about various aspects of traditional art.

Things to do at the park?

There are many things to do at the park such as hiking, biking, and exploring the historic buildings.

San Antonio Missions National Historical Park Tips

You can visit this park all year round but summers tend to get very hot so it is best that you wear light clothes and bring a lot of water with you. There is also no food or drink allowed inside the missions so make sure to bring your own snacks and drinks if needed.

If you get hungry, there are various restaurants you can visit around the area. Some of these are Casa Rio, The Riverwalk, and Los Pastores which serve delicious Tex-Mex food that is pretty affordable compared to many other Mexican cuisines in San Antonio.

Other amenities include restrooms, water fountains, and gift shops where you can buy your very own souvenirs and memorabilia.

How much does it cost to get there?

The park is free of charge and there are no fees required for its various locations. However, some of the restaurants around the park may have their own prices so it is best to do your research in advance.

Tips on where to stay?

For those tourists who want to explore more than one mission, they can choose from a list of nearby hotels such as La Villita Inn, AT&T Executive Conference Center & Spa, Omni San Antonio Hotel at the Colonnade, or Embassy Suites San Antonio Riverwalk. These hotels offer great services and a convenient location for those looking to visit the missions as well as other tourist attractions in downtown San Antonio, TX.


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