Braunig Lake Park

San Antonio, Texas is a city that offers something for everyone. With an abundance of family-friendly attractions, it is the perfect place to visit with children in tow. One such spot is Braunig Lake Park. This large park has plenty of space for families to enjoy themselves while also exploring nature and wildlife in their natural habitat. It's located just outside the city limits so visitors can experience the beauty of both town and country life!

What attractions to see at the park?

There's a lot to choose from! Families can enjoy the playground, picnic areas, fishing docks, and nature trails. For those who love animals, there is also a petting zoo on site. The park is open every day of the week from sunrise to sunset so visitors can come and go as they please. Plus, Braunig Lake Park is free to the public! 

  • So, if you're looking for a fun day out with the family, be sure to check out Braunig Lake Park in San Antonio. You won't be disappointed! 
  • The playground has something for children of all ages, with slides, swings, and monkey bars. 
  • Families can enjoy picnics at the many picnic tables provided. 
  • There are fishing docks, with catch and release policies in place for visitors to take home their fresh fish! 
  • The petting zoo is open on weekends (Friday through Sunday) during spring and summer months only; however, there is also a pony ride available year-round which is a lot of fun for children. 
  • The park is open every day from sunrise to sunset, so there's plenty of time to spend here! 

There are trails to explore, a playground to play on, fishing docks, and picnic areas - all in the great outdoors!  

There are also water activities to enjoy at Victor Braunig Lake such as boating, fishing, and swimming. The lake is famous for its catfish, striped bass, and hybrid stripers. 


Accommodations such as camping and RV hookups are also available if you want to make a day or weekend trip out of it. 

The area is popular with birdwatchers and waterfowl hunters alike, so you never know what kind of wildlife may be in the park.  

The park is located at 17500 Donop Rd, San Antonio, TX 78112, United States. you can visit the website at or call +12106324128 to get more information. 

There's something for everyone at Braunig Lake Park! It's a great place to spend time outside on any day of the week while enjoying all that nature has to offer right here in San Antonio, Texas.  


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