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A residential swimming pool with crystal blue water is edged by a newly installed patio with decorative concrete and elegant steps. The pool toys floating in the pool add a playful touch to the serene backyard setting, which is still under final stages of construction.

San Antonio's Top Rated Concrete Company

Are you looking for reliable concrete companies in San Antonio? Many different factors - including team experience, reputation, quality guarantees, and exceptional customization - go into choosing a reliable concrete contractor for residential and commercial concrete construction.

Here at SATX Concrete, our goal is to work directly with customers at every step to ensure we meet and surpass their expectations. We take pride in being the finest concrete company in San Antonio has to offer. We believe our high-quality services and attention to detail have played a key role in our effort to reach this status. We also value all our existing customers and potential clients - that’s why we provide them with free, customized estimates developed by our team of concrete professionals.

Why choose a local concrete contractor for your next project?

As a San Antonio concrete contractor, SATX Concrete is accessible and quick to respond. Our local presence enables efficient estimates and job inspections with expert teams. We have an established reputation in the area with knowledge of regional climate, codes and design needs.

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What Sets Us Apart

quality materials

Quality Materials

We use high-grade steel ties and fiber to reinforce concrete on all our projects. We ensure you’re investing in your property with high-quality, long-lasting results.


Quality You Can Trust

Our company builds relationships by satisfying client needs and applying a high level of professionalism to every aspect of the projects we handle. SATX Concrete’s work comes with a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not pleased with our workmanship, we’re always ready to make the adjustments you need.

affordable quote

Competitive Pricing

Affordability is a rare bonus in the construction world, but you can still achieve it. We aim to provide great value for your money, and that includes offering the most competitive, affordable pricing on the market.

add value to your home

Add Value to Your Home

Our expert services can increase the overall value of your home or property. The final result of this work is attractive, durable, and functional concrete that will increase your property value significantly.

Residential Concrete Services

Commercial and residential concrete services are similar in some ways, but they’re far from identical. Residential concrete solutions may include decorative customization work like stamping and staining to personalize the look and feel of your concrete. We have provided custom concrete services to San Antonio residents for years, providing the personal touch that every client deserves.

Worker using a power trowel on a large concrete driveway at a suburban home in San Antonio, with a trailer and trees in the background.

Foundations or Concrete Slabs

We will be delighted to install your concrete foundations. Whether you need concrete slabs or to pour a new pad for a home addition, our team of experts knows how to help you achieve your vision with ease.

Newly paved residential driveway with smooth concrete finish, framed by wooden forms, in a suburban San Antonio neighborhood.

Driveway & Approaches

You can trust SATX Concrete to help you install new driveways and approaches to your home and garage or replace an old driveway. We provide old concrete demolition, concrete driveway excavation, and concrete driveway repair, along with new concrete installation. Finally, we will leave your space tidy and free of any construction remains.

A recently constructed concrete patio with steps leading up to a residential entrance, complemented by a manicured lawn and stone detailing in San Antonio.

Concrete Patios

Our team of expert patio contractors has all the experience and expertise needed to enliven your outdoor spaces. We will install trendy concrete patios, which can be stamped or patterned to suit your unique needs.

pool deck resurfacing contractor

Pool Decking

Are you looking to upgrade your pool decking or install a new pool? We have the capacity and skills needed to ensure your pool deck is unique and attractive by installing intuitive concrete decking.

A newly constructed concrete walkway leading to a modern house, featuring a series of steps with wooden forms still in place. The home's exterior is white with black trim, and the address '841' prominently displayed. The surrounding landscape is under development, with bare soil and construction debris visible. The overcast sky suggests a recent completion of the concrete work.

Sidewalks & Walkways

Just like driveways, sidewalks and pathways can feature unique elements of personalization. At SATX Concrete, we work with clients to install sidewalks with modern edges and curves. We can also suggest decorative elements to help accentuate your existing exterior design or provide sidewalk repair for your existing walkways.

A newly poured and textured concrete patio glistens with moisture, with construction equipment and a building in the background.

Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete combines visual attractiveness with the durability concrete is known for, all at a low price. Stamped and stained concrete patios or floors can increase the aesthetic appeal of your space while repurposing your native slab.

Concrete Construction


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Commercial Concrete Services

As licensed and bonded commercial concrete contractors, we can take on your project’s flatwork with quality results at an affordable price. Do you need a dependable team for sidewalks, foundations, or paving concrete parking lots or roads? We’re a trusted concrete construction company with years of experience.

commercial concrete construction


We install sturdy warehouse concrete foundations to improve space management. Our concrete floors and surfaces are also highly durable, allowing them to resist daily wear and tear and avoid damage from stains and moisture.

Workers finishing a new concrete slab near a sports field with chain-link fences, under an overcast sky.

Commercial Construction

From commercial foundations or pads to pouring and paving parking lots and walkways, our professional team is dependable and affordable. Give us a try on your next project and you'll just wish you had used us sooner.

Concrete construction san antionio

Storage Buildings

Our commercial clients need durable storage spaces that can withstand daily foot, equipment, and material traffic. We can easily install, repair, or upgrade your storage building concrete surfaces to perfectly suit your operations.

Freshly poured concrete courtyard with orange cones and wooden formwork, near a commercial building and trees casting shadows.

Parking Lot Paving

You can call SATX Concrete to pave a durable, affordable parking lot for your company. We aim to help you improve space efficiency and traffic flow to your business.

Construction workers using power trowels to smooth a large concrete slab in an open area with formwork and machinery around.

Concrete Paving and Roads

With multiple trucks and experienced team members, we can take on anything from 500 sq ft drives to 50,000 sq ft parking lots and beyond.

RV park under construction with new concrete pads, utility hook-ups, and a row of parked RVs in the background.


Besides being durable and resistant to the elements, park concrete surfaces often feature aesthetic engraving, intricate patterns, and stamping. Our team of concrete experts will work closely with you to make your vision for park space a reality.

Curved concrete driveway in a residential area with a newly mulched tree bed, wooden fence, and overcast sky.


Concrete curbing can give your exterior the finishing touch it needs. With our commercial concrete curbing services, you’ll be able to enhance your business’ landscaping and even boost your property value.

newly built ADA Ramps

ADA Ramps

If you’re establishing a new commercial building, you’ll need accessibility ramps. Without these ramps, your facility could violate the Americans with Disabilities Act. Let us install high-quality ramps that are in total compliance with these regulations!

Workers at a road construction site are actively engaged in laying down the foundation for new pavement. The image shows a bright day with scattered clouds above, and multiple safety cones line the edge of the site for safety. Workers in various postures are focused on their tasks amidst wooden formwork and steel rebar framework. The surrounding landscape is semi-rural with open fields, scattered trees, and overhead power lines. Construction machinery and materials are scattered around the site, indicating ongoing heavy construction.

Excavation and Replacement

We have the equipment and teams to excavate and replace your existing concrete to look brand new. Sidewalks, driveways, and even foundations will be removed and re-poured to perfection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Though it’s not rare to see the terms “concrete” and “cement” used interchangeably, that’s not entirely accurate. Cement is an ingredient in concrete. A concrete mixture will also include water and aggregate materials, such as gravel or sand.

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