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Slabs are horizontal structures built to fit into the part of the house that requires horizontal structures. They include floors, ceilings, roofs, etc. They are constructed to be very thick to provide durability and strength. Slabs are built using cement, sand, and stones. Little wonder they are usually rigid structures. However, how is a slab constructed?

Concrete Slab Construction

Our experienced crews handle concrete slab construction for Poteet clients with expertise. We start by working with clients to understand their project needs and goals for the concrete slab. After precise measurement and planning, we prepare the base ensuring proper drainage and stability. We use high-quality concrete mixes and proven techniques to pour a level, seamless slab able to withstand decades of use.

Throughout the multi-day curing and setting process, we monitor conditions and apply treatments to maximize long-term strength. Our clients trust us for reliable, durable concrete slab construction tailored to their unique specifications.

San Antonio Concrete Slab Contractors

As trusted San Antonio concrete slab contractors, we bring specialized expertise to each residential or commercial project. Our skilled teams work closely with clients to understand their vision and needs for the concrete slab. We excel at creating durable, level concrete slabs optimized for drainage and stability. Our use of high-quality concrete mixes and advanced techniques results in long-lasting slabs built to precise specifications. With decades of combined experience in the San Antonio region, we are the go-to concrete slab contractors focused on delivering exceptional quality and service.

Slab Removal, Repair, and Replacement

Slabs last for years, but they do not go on without damage at a point. When damage occurs in a slab, parts of the option you will consider are repair, removal, or replacement. 

Slab Repair

Our team has extensive experience with professional slab repair services. We thoroughly inspect and diagnose the root cause of damage, whether settlement, cracking, spalling or other issues. After preparing the area, we use specialized techniques and materials to restore structural integrity and appearance. For cracks and breaks, we employ industry-leading injection epoxy or patching methods. Clients also rely on us for expert mud jacking to lift and level settled slabs. With our quality repair work, we restore the functionality and life of damaged concrete slabs.

Concrete Slab Removal

First, we assess the slab material and area to plan the customized removal process. Using advanced equipment and techniques, we demolish and break up the existing slab into manageable pieces for disposal. We take care to contain debris and dust while protecting surrounding structures. After hauling away debris, we prepare the area for the installation of new concrete or other materials. Our specialty is slab removal which minimizes disruption so clients can move forward with projects. Trust us for smooth demolition and disposal when it’s time to remove old or damaged concrete slabs.

Slab Replacement

When your concrete slab is beyond repair, rely on us for professional slab replacement. Our skilled teams remove the damaged slab and dispose of debris. We take care to contain dust and protect surrounding areas during demolition. Once cleared, we can install new piping, steel reinforcement, and other elements to enhance the new slab. Our concrete contractors have extensive experience pouring smooth, durable slab foundations precisely leveled for proper drainage. We monitor curing and sealing the new concrete for longevity. For Poteet clients needing new slabs for garages, patios, and more, our reliable process delivers quality that lasts.

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Fresh concrete foundation with protruding rebar, wooden house framing in a suburban neighborhood.
Freshly poured curved concrete patio with steps near a house with a wooden fence.

Concrete Construction


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Concrete slab projects require specialized skills and equipment beyond most DIY capabilities. Trust our professional concrete contractors for expert installation, repair or replacement of your slab to ensure it's done right. Rely on our years of experience for quality results.



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