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Concrete stamping has been a popular technique since the 1970s, applied in modern projects like highways, homes, pathways, and patios. While stamped concrete is common in sophisticated areas like San Antonio, high-quality results still require an experienced contractor. At SATX Concrete Contractors, our team provides expert craftsmanship to meet the highest standards for stamped concrete in San Antonio. With decades of combined experience, we deliver stunning stamped concrete to exceed your desires. Trust us for the finest stamped concrete services in the region.

Concrete Stamping Techniques

At SATX, we utilize advanced methods to deliver the finest stamped concrete in San Antonio. Our techniques involve specialized stamping tools, quality release agents, and expert pattern detailing for superior results.

Accumulating Accent Color

Our stamping uses secondary colors to enhance texture and visual appeal. Color accumulation brings out the beauty of the concrete while preventing stamps from sticking.

Accumulation of Base Color

We use primary colors to highlight and reflect natural building materials in the stamping. Clients can choose powdered pigments for a hardened stamp surface or cast-on colors to dye the entire concrete. Our techniques bring out the best in the materials.

Pattern Stamping

We stamp concrete by implanting a secondary layer shortly after pouring. Our stamps are crafted from polyurethane with added metal styling to mimic natural materials like brick, stone, and flagstone. This layered technique allows for realistic designs and textures.

decorative concrete SATX
A textured concrete pathway with a stamped design, flanked by a bed of small stones, next to a structure with white siding.

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Design Tips for Stamped Concrete

The idea behind concrete stamping is always to create surfaces that can complement your structure and provide smooth transition through indoor/outdoor spaces. Here are a few design tips to keep in mind when looking to install stamped concrete;

  • Scheme through stamped concrete in your neighborhood to get ideas that will enrich your
    personal style and preference. You can also approach our team of professionals for ideas and imagination based on the bigger picture and final result you intend to create.

  • Choose stamped concrete that matches your roofs, interior design and walls. This is particularly ideal if you have a brick patterned house.

  • Visit showrooms and exhibitions organized by concrete contractors to get new ideas and
    decorative patterns you can install in your home or commercial outlet.

  • Choose designs and patterns that accentuate and complement your structure. This increases longevity and also reduces the maintenance work required.

Cost of Stamped Concrete

At SATX, we intend to increase your property’s value by installing high quality decorative stamped concrete. You do not need to break the bank to achieve this feat. Concrete stamping costs from as low as $7 per square foot. However, you may pay up to $20 or more depending on the complexity of project and amount of materials and labor required.



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