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In sophisticated regions like San Antonio, finding companies that install and/or repair concrete patios should not be a problem. Unfortunately, not all concrete patio San Antonio companies you come across will meet your needs. It is still important to contract reliable professionals with a thriving reputation in the market.

A decade ago wooden decks and patios became the design to install for most people. The versatility and aesthetics seemed incomparable, that is until homeowners had to incur recurring maintenance costs. Ten years down the road, wooden patios are warping and rotting at an alarming speed and many now realize the traditional concrete patio is always a better choice in terms of longevity. However, this is not all you get in today’s market thanks to advanced technology that can help produce concrete patios with amazing aesthetic versatility.

Types of Patios We Build

At SATX our goal is to work directly with clients and design high quality concrete patios that meet and surface all expectations. We specialize in different types of patios

Modern Concrete Patio

Even with all the beauty of classic designs and styles, there’s no denying that our age calls for some modern elements. At SATX, we build simple and complex modernized patio designs using high tech equipment. The end result is vast possibilities and incredible level of customization. We can build patios with modest color accents and pallets, check board patterns and un-textured concrete designed in angular shapes. We also build patios stunning shapes, band of stones, glimmered colors and modern color schemes.

Stamped Concrete Patio

Stamping is a common practice in the construction world and you can achieve astounding resemblance with a minimal budget. From brick–like texture to stone and wood-like resemblance, stamping is one way to decorate your concrete patios without breaking the bank. At SATX, we use powdered pigments, stains and antique agents to ensure you patio is unlike any other in your neighborhood. The design also comes with all the other properties including resilience to weather elements, maximum durability and low maintenance.

Stained Concrete Patio

Stained concrete expands customization to another level without compromising the durability and aesthetic appeal of the design. Staining with acid or acrylic polymers is often used to add more desirable properties to concrete surfaces including the ability to reduce energy bills. When used to install patios and decks, stained concrete can create a marvelous exterior appeal. Homeowners have the opportunity to choose as many colors and graphic patterns as they wish. It is also the ideal solution to flaking and fading since the stain cuts deep into the concrete. Staining can be used to produce plush surfaces that resemble marble and granite floors or the glamour associated with antique grains.

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Concrete Construction


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  • Concrete Patios Have Superior Durability & Low Maintenance

    Concrete is by far the most durable surface for flooring and resurfacing. Concrete patios can last a lifetime with minimal need for maintenance unlike wooden decks that require frequent sealing and regular maintenance projects. When handled by experts, concrete patios can withstand weather elements and heavy traffic. They are also great for decorating your front and backyard.

  • Innovative Design

    Concrete surfaces have evolved significantly and now come in various designs fully customizable to meet your specific needs. Whether you need natural stone accents, bolder colors and patterns or eco-friendly concrete that can blend with the surrounding nature, there are several options to choose from. Concrete is also quite versatile and can easily produce unique surfaces even when the same materials are used for both projects. Modern innovations feature stamped concrete, engraving, exposed aggregate and stenciling among other possibilities. What’s more, they can be designed to offer smooth transition from indoor spaces to outdoor surrounding. This harmony is often what hallmarks top quality concrete patios. They can be made to resemble natural stone, brick or even wood.

Why Choose SATX Concrete to build or repair your patio?

When looking for reliable concrete patio San Antonio services, it is recommendable to work with highly reputable companies. At SATX, our pride comes from satisfying customer needs by providing high-quality concrete patios that depict modernization and intuitive creativity. We are reputable, experienced and client oriented. We have profound experience in concrete services and enlist various related services to ensure you get the best concrete floors and surfaces San Antonio has to offer.

We are also available 24/7 so you are free t contact us any time for any inquiries. SATX is dedicated to identifying and perfecting concrete designs that can help improve both aesthetics and usability. Our patios last longer and require minimal maintenance to maintain an ever glimmering floor in your outdoor spaces.


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