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Concrete structures like driveways and patios can be extended or added onto despite concrete's rigid nature. Extending slabs, driveways, patios, and more with concrete additions is possible to meet new needs while matching the original texture and color.

Concrete Driveway Extensions

Extending concrete driveways can provide more parking or activity space. Connecting a new concrete addition directly to the original driveway may look uneven. For a seamless look, consider resurfacing the whole driveway or staining the new extension to match the old surface. Driveway additions require planning to blend old and new concrete smoothly.

Concrete Patio Extensions

Expanding outdoor living space with a concrete patio addition can be desirable. Attaching new concrete directly to an existing patio may appear mismatched. For visual continuity, options like staining the new section or refinishing the entire patio could help blend old and new. Careful planning for patio extensions creates cohesive, usable outdoor concrete areas.

Concrete Slab Extensions

Expanding concrete slabs can provide more usable interior floor space. Connecting a new slab addition right onto an existing one may look disjointed. To help extensions blend seamlessly, consider staining new concrete or refinishing the whole slab. With careful planning, concrete slab extensions can deliver cohesive, spacious floors.

Concrete Foundation For Home Additions

Adding living space may require extending the home's concrete foundation. Connecting a new foundation section onto the existing one can appear mismatched. To help blend the new and old foundations, options like staining or refinishing may be considered. Planning foundation extensions helps deliver structurally sound and visually cohesive bases for home additions.

Worker edging a new concrete driveway extension in a suburban San Antonio home with a brick exterior and blue sky overhead.
A newly poured, expansive concrete patio curves around the backyard of a suburban home, bordered by a wooden fence and bare soil awaiting landscaping. The patio is bathed in sunlight, with shadows of nearby foliage and construction tools scattered around, indicative of ongoing work.

Concrete Construction


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Concrete additions demand specialized expertise, experience, and equipment beyond DIY projects. Attempting driveway, patio, slab, or foundation extensions yourself risks poor structural integrity or mismatched appearances. For expert execution ensuring strength, seamless aesthetics, and longevity, hire experienced concrete contractors like SATX Concrete. Our skilled teams handle customized additions with care, delivering cohesive and durable results.



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