How to Build a Strong Foundation Concrete Around the Pool: Tips and Advice

Many people have a pool in their backyard, but some don’t know how to build a solid concrete pool deck foundation. While some materials are cheaper than others, the most affordable option is not always the best one. This article will give you tips and advice on building a solid foundation for your existing concrete pool so that you don’t have any problems with leaking, cracking, or sagging over time.

Why is a strong swimming pool foundation necessary?

The foundation of your swimming pool is probably the essential aspect you need to consider before building it. Not only does this prevent accidents, but it will also help reduce maintenance costs and prolong its life span. A solid concrete pool deck foundation can be achieved by following these simple tips:  

  • Don’t forget about good water drains around the excavation site   
  • Use proper reinforcing materials like rebar or mesh   
  • Be careful not to dig too near gas lines, electric cables, telephone/internet cables  
  • Ensure no obstructions underground (sewer pipes) during fresh concrete pour footings for pools because they could damage them over time.   
  • The best way to ensure a sturdy base for your swimming pool deck is to have someone knowledgeable in construction oversee the process professionally.  

Building concrete pool decks 


Picking a level spot    

First, you need to pick a level spot near your house. It doesn’t have to be flat since sloped surfaces effectively drain water away from the concrete pool deck. However, it should not lean towards any structure around it, such as your basement or foundation. Also, make sure that there is enough space for the surrounding landscape materials and fencing if desired.   

Dig out the area until you reach stable ground about two feet down into the earth. If your soil is sandy, then dig deeper to give yourself more support underneath the pool’s footings (the areas where its legs go). Be very careful when excavating this much dirt, though, because of potential cave-ins.

Use a rebar mesh  

Use rebar mesh or steel wire grids instead of wooden forms to pour the concrete around your pool. Wooden structures are susceptible to rotting and warping over time, so steel wire grids are better because they will last much longer than wooden pool decking. You can purchase them at any large hardware store or building supply retailer for a low price.  

Use enough rebar mesh per square foot of pool space depending on what your local codes require. The more you use, the stronger your foundation will be because it has fewer chances of collapsing under the weight of all that water, in addition to people who might jump off diving boards sometimes!  

Cover the site with plastic  

Cover everything with plastic sheeting before pouring concrete since this is one step that always gets overlooked by new pool owners when they start this type of project. This simple step will keep dirt and rocks out of your pool’s foundation and another concrete surface, which could damage it over time.  

Allow the concrete to cure

Please wait a few months before filling up your new swimming pools with water because it takes time for concrete to cure correctly. If you try doing this step too soon, then there’s a chance your pool will have weak spots later on when someone jumps into the bottom of it or cannonballs off one of those diving boards.   

Use a level to make sure the poured concrete is leveled 

Use a level to make sure your newly poured concrete pool decks are flat and even before covering it up with more soil or pea gravel. Uneven areas will cause problems when you pour in all of the other materials, so take this step seriously. Cover everything with pea gravel because rocks can be sharp if they get into people’s feet while swimming around.   

This way, there won’t be any tripping hazards at all, which could lead to someone getting hurt pretty severely, depending on how deep your pool is. You should also use landscaping fabric underneath these stones instead of regular dirt since weeds will grow on wet grounds. Weeds growing through cracks in the concrete deck foundation might weaken it over time, so you want to avoid that from happening in the future. Also, consider applying nonslip surface materials to prevent any accidents.  

Water test  

Lastly, water tests it for any leaks after filling the pool with water. If you don’t find anything, that’s great news, but know that there will be an increased chance of cracks or other problems developing over time if it’s too shallow compared to what it was initially designed for. Make sure this doesn’t happen by checking levels every time, so things stay safe and fun for everyone who wants to get wet all summer long!    

Why get concrete deck professionals to do it for you?

As you see, it takes a lot of work to lay down a strong pool decking foundation, and only professionals can make this happen. If you don’t have the time or expertise to do this, you should get a professional pool builder  

There are many pool contractors in the market, but you should know which ones are good and provide excellent service. Ask your friends or family members to recommend a good pool decking contractor. If they have one, then go ahead and hire them or ask for more information about the company so you can know if they are the best.  


At SATX Concrete Contractors, we have been building pools since 2017 and know that a significant pool decking foundation is essential to success. In fact, not only can it prevent accidents from happening in your backyard oasis, but it will also help reduce maintenance costs, save money and prolong the life span of your swimming pool.   

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