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A newly poured concrete foundation sits adjacent to a house undergoing renovations. French doors and a partially insulated exterior wall are visible, with the foundation framed by wooden supports. The clear shadows and bright sunlight indicate work in progress on a crisp day.

Somerset's Trusted Local Concrete Company

With SATX Concrete Contractors, excellence and integrity in concrete are guaranteed. Our trusted company has spent years perfecting premium residential and commercial concrete services across the region. Our proficient professionals are dedicated to superior quality craftsmanship and meeting the most stringent industry standards.

Whether you require installation, repairs, or decorative designs, we transform visions into concrete realities with unmatched accuracy and efficiency. When in search of reliable concrete solutions from Somerset to surrounding areas, turn to our team for mastery and service that stands the test of time.

Why Opt for SATX Concrete ?

quality materials

Exceptional Quality Materials

Our concrete is reinforced with high-quality steel ties and fibers for maximum strength and longevity. By using premium materials, we ensure your concrete investment is built to last through years of use and weathering. Our reinforced approach boosts durability for superior, long-lasting results.


Dependable and High-standard Service

We appreciate the Somerset community's trust in us as a top concrete contractor. Our team maintains high professional standards and integrity to exceed expectations on every job. SATX Concrete Contractors offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, addressing any concerns until you are fully pleased with the quality results.

affordable quote

Economical and Competitive Pricing

We are firm believers in delivering unparalleled value without compromising affordability. Our aim is to offer the best value for your investment with pricing that is economical and competitive, ensuring premium service is within reach.

add value to your home

Value Enhancement of Your Property

Our proficient services are designed to significantly elevate the value of your property. We provide solutions that are a blend of beauty, strength, and functionality, adding considerable worth to your property and making it a sought-after asset in Somerset, Texas.

Residential Concrete Services in Somerset

Our residential concrete solutions elevate your home with precision and care. We enhance curb appeal, create inviting patios, and strengthen foundations using prime materials and superior craftsmanship. Trust our team to skillfully transform your residential concepts into concrete realities.

A freshly poured concrete driveway extends from a modern single-story building with a dark garage door. The driveway is cordoned off with red and white 'DANGER' tape, signaling ongoing construction. Stacks of unused pavers rest against a wooden fence to the left, while mature trees loom overhead against a cloudy sky, indicating a suburban or semi-rural setting.

Driveway Installation

Our driveway installations craft durable, welcoming entrances for homes and businesses. With precision, we install smooth, even surfaces using top-quality materials that endure over time. Rely on us to make your property entrance a statement of style and long-lasting quality.

An extended concrete driveway in front of a house during twilight. The existing driveway meets the new extension, which is bordered with wooden forms. The garage is open, revealing contents inside, and the yard is partially dug up. Christmas lights adorn the trees in the background, adding a festive touch to the scene.

Driveway Replacement

With our driveway replacement services, bring back the lost charm of your entrance. We remove the old, worn-out driveways and replace them with new, robust, and aesthetically pleasing ones. Our meticulous approach guarantees a seamless transition, enhancing your property’s curb appeal. Trust us to breathe new life into your driveway with our top-notch services.

A freshly poured concrete slab in a backyard setting with a clear blue sky above. The slab is adjacent to a light gray house with a wooden fence in the background, reflecting a work in progress with raw earth and construction framing visible.

Concrete Patios

Our concrete patio services create luxury outdoor retreats for relaxation and entertainment. With meticulous attention to detail, we transform spaces into inviting, durable additions to your property's beauty. Explore the elegance and quality of our expertly crafted concrete patios.

A newly laid beige gravel pathway curves gracefully through a park-like setting, leading towards a home with a stone facade. Landscaping efforts are evident with mulch beds, a rock wall, and a leaf blower resting on the side, suggesting ongoing maintenance.

Concrete Sidewalks

Our concrete sidewalks deliver smooth, safe, durable paths that enhance your property's aesthetics. Blending functionality and design, we create uniform sidewalks resistant to the elements. Walk the path of precision and quality with sidewalks expertly crafted for durability and curb appeal.

A newly constructed concrete walkway leading to a modern house, featuring a series of steps with wooden forms still in place. The home's exterior is white with black trim, and the address '841' prominently displayed. The surrounding landscape is under development, with bare soil and construction debris visible. The overcast sky suggests a recent completion of the concrete work.

Concrete Slabs

Our concrete slab services offer a solid foundation for your construction projects. We ensure that each slab is constructed with precision and strength, providing a stable base for buildings, sheds, or other structures. Quality materials and expert craftsmanship are at the core of our services, ensuring your project rests on solid ground. Choose us for foundational stability and strength.

A construction site under clear blue skies showcasing the foundation work for a new road or infrastructure project. Safety cones mark the perimeter where a concrete base has been laid out, featuring a grid of reinforcing steel bars ready for a concrete pour. Construction vehicles, including a black truck and heavy machinery, are parked on the adjacent unpaved land. The scene is busy with construction activity, materials, and equipment, with a backdrop of open skies and distant trees.

Concrete Foundations

Our concrete foundations build enduring, stable structures that withstand time. With expertise, we install quality foundations that promise resilient bases and long-lasting stability for your buildings. Trust us to lay the backbone for excellence with specialized foundation services.

Concrete walkway with a pile of broken pieces and a chainsaw nearby, indicating ongoing construction or repair work.

Concrete Repair

Our concrete repair services revitalize damaged surfaces with precision, restoring strength and aesthetics. We expertly address cracks, chips, and defects, ensuring the life of your concrete is extended. Count on us for meticulous, effective repairs that preserve the durability and beauty of your concrete

Large concrete parking area with workers finishing the surface, surrounded by a residential setting with trees and a cloudy sky.

Concrete Replacement

Our concrete replacement services promise a seamless and high-quality transition from old to new. We meticulously remove damaged sections and install new, robust concrete, ensuring longevity and visual appeal. Every replacement is executed with a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence. Experience a seamless transition to durability and beauty with our expert services.

A wide angle of a concrete platform in the midst of construction is shown, with workers and materials in the distance. The overcast sky offers a soft light that gently illuminates the space, featuring erected poles and the perimeter framed by wooden forms, indicating an ongoing project.

Concrete Paving

Our expert teams handle professional concrete paving for driveways, sidewalks, and more. We use specialized techniques to install durable, seamless concrete that withstands heavy use. Clients rely on us for quality paving services from initial grading and prep work to curing and sealing the finished concrete.

Concrete Construction


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About Somerset, Texas

With its historical richness, Somerset, Texas, holds a distinctive spot in the annals of Texas history, being one of the oldest towns in the northwestern portion of Atascosa County. It was established in 1848 by Baptist families from Somerset, Kentucky, bestowing it with a historical depth and a name reminiscent of its founders' original hometown. Nestled less than 20 miles south of vibrant Downtown San Antonio in Bexar County, Somerset is a crucial part of the pulsating culture of the major Texas city, adding to its colorful metropolitan tapestry. The town has a multifaceted legacy, having been bypassed by a railroad in 1909, which shaped its developmental trajectory and transportation lineage. Somerset's oil fields have also painted strokes on its economic canvas, introducing high-gravity crude oil to its trade portfolio. This historically significant and culturally rich location is where SATX Concrete Contractors have established themselves as the premier concrete company, contributing top-notch concrete solutions to the development and aesthetic enhancement of Somerset. 

As trusted concrete contractors, SATX brings seasoned expertise to Somerset's growth and beautification. We take pride in providing versatile, quality concrete solutions that meet the unique needs of residents and businesses. Our team is dedicated to building resilient foundations, executing precise repairs, and elevating infrastructure and aesthetics across the area. With clear communication and earnest service, SATX Concrete Contractors contributes to the structural and visual evolution of this historic town. We are excited to be reliable partners in concrete services as Somerset continues to flourish.

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