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Ana Bruja - Khayos
Ana Bruja - Khayos
My side walk sank in due to foundation issues. Even if it was a small job they came out and did a great job at a resonable price. There was a small scheduling issue why i only gave 4/5 but the rest of the work I highly recommend. Will recommend in the future.
Joe work out
Joe work out
Excellent service from start to finish . Fabian and his guys did a great job . Definitely will recommend to friends and family. Thank you for the honest and professional work will give you a call on the next project.
Haylie A
Haylie A
SATX did a great job at demoing my driveway as well as replacing it with a new slab.
Jake Rivas
Jake Rivas
Contractor never showed up to provide an estimate.
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Your Choice for Top-Quality Concrete Company in Lytle, TX

Located in charming Lytle, Texas, SATX Concrete Contractors is the pinnacle of dependability and quality concrete services, delivering top-tier solutions for residential and commercial projects. Our team of seasoned professionals is committed to excellence, implementing each concrete installation, repair, or decorative project with unparalleled precision. When you need reliable, swift, high-caliber concrete work in Lytle and surrounding areas, choose SATX Concrete Contractors to bring your visions to life with our expertise in all of concrete contracting.

Why Choose SATX Concrete Contractors?

quality materials

Unmatched Quality of Materials

Each project utilizes superior steel ties and reinforcing fibers to ensure enduring, high-quality results. This enhances the longevity and resilience of every construction we undertake. Our methods translate your investment into concrete work built to last.


Reliable and Professional Service

We value the confidence the community places in us and make customer satisfaction our top priority. We pursue the highest levels of professionalism and integrity in every project, standing behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are committed to meeting and exceeding expectations by rectifying any aspect of a project until the customer is completely satisfied.

affordable quote

Fair and Competitive Pricing

We believe exceptional value shouldn’t compromise affordability. Our mission is to furnish supreme value for your investment, by presenting pricing that is not only competitive but also budget-friendly, making exceptional service accessible.

add value to your home

Enhancement of Property Value

Our skilled services can substantially increase your property's value. We provide attractive, durable, functional concrete solutions that boost your property's worth, making it a valuable asset. With SATX Concrete, you get aesthetically pleasing, robust concrete work that adds to your home's long-term value.

Residential Concrete Services in Lytle

We are the experts for all your residential concrete needs, from driveways to patios to fortified foundations. With topnotch craftsmanship and top-grade materials, our experienced team actualizes your concrete aspirations into tangible masterpieces. For any residential project, rely on SATX Concrete to meticulously bring your visions to life.

A broad expanse of freshly laid concrete driveway is shaded by the intricate patterns of tree shadows, with construction frameworks still visible along the edge. The scene captures the contrast between the ruggedness of the wooden forms and the smooth finish of the driveway, set against a residential backdrop.

Driveway Installation

We blend of precision and aesthetic appeal, providing welcoming and resilient entrances to your homes or businesses. We pay attention to every detail, ensuring smooth, seamless surfaces that endure the test of time. Premium materials and expert craftsmanship are our guarantees, offering driveways that are not just functional but also enhance the overall appeal of your property.

Residential driveway with fresh concrete and formwork, leading to a closed garage door, with a lawn and trees on either side.

Driveway Replacement

Our Lytle driveway replacement services rejuvenate properties by removing worn driveways and installing new ones with precision craftsmanship. We enhance curb appeal with seamless, durable, and aesthetically pleasing driveway replacements. Each replacement by SATX Concrete improves the looks, function, and resilience of your home.

A spacious concrete patio lays in the backyard of a suburban home, with the construction process highlighted by the wooden forms still in place. The green lawn and wooden privacy fence frame the area under a sky of billowing clouds, suggesting a welcoming space for future gatherings.

Concrete Patios

Our patios create inviting outdoor spaces perfect for relaxation. With innovative designs and durable construction, each patio enhances your home's value, beauty and outdoor functionality. SATX Concrete merges strength and aesthetics for patio spaces that beautifully endure.

An elegantly winding pebble walkway in a San Antonio park, bordered by natural stone and interspersed with mature trees. The path leads towards the park’s entrance, with a glimpse of construction equipment in the distance.

Concrete Sidewalks

Our concrete sidewalks offer smooth, safe transitions around your property. They are crafted to perfection, ensuring durability and uniformity, and are resistant to the elements. Every sidewalk is a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal, enhancing the visual appeal and safety of your surroundings.

Architectural detail of newly constructed, arching concrete steps in front of a building with a yellow facade and decorative black railings in San Antonio, Texas. The surrounding area is strewn with construction debris, a green garden hose, and a white plastic covering, indicating ongoing outdoor work.

Concrete Slabs

We build concrete slabs that offer a solid foundation for any construction project. Every slab is a blend of precision, strength, and top-quality materials, providing a stable base for buildings and other structures. Choose our services for a foundation that stands the test of time, offering support and stability.

Fresh concrete foundation with protruding rebar, wooden house framing in a suburban neighborhood.

Concrete Foundations

Our concrete foundations provide secure, stable support for structures. With expertise, quality materials, and durable construction, we build excellence into every foundation for long-lasting stability and strength. We combine expertise, durability, and quality to lay foundations that promise resilient backbone support.

Fresh concrete being screeded with a long metal straightedge, ensuring a level surface with tools visible in the foreground.

Concrete Repair

Our precise, careful concrete repair services revitalize damaged surfaces. We restore strength and visual appeal to extend your concrete's life. With strict attention to detail, SATX Concrete brings back durability and aesthetics to impaired concrete structures.

The image depicts a construction worker in a high-visibility vest and yellow hard hat using a red jackhammer to break up concrete on a construction site. There is debris scattered around the worker, indicating active work. The area is cordoned off with red and white safety barriers, and in the background, there's a green construction fence and some temporary site structures. The setting appears to be urban, with a clear sky suggesting a sunny day. The worker is focused on the task, emphasizing safety and work in progress.

Concrete Replacement

Our concrete replacement services promise a smooth change from old to new concrete. We pay close attention so each replacement lasts a long time and looks great. With our expert work, your new concrete looks wonderful and is built to last.

Newly finished concrete driveway leading to a landscaped house yard, with a clear texture and control joints visible.

Concrete Paving

We pave high-quality concrete surfaces for driveways, walkways, parking lots, etc. Our work is precise and durable, with results that are attractive and long-lasting. SATX Concrete provides flawless, resilient concrete paving.

Concrete Construction


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does SATX Concrete Contractors maintain the quality of its concrete services?

We uphold strict quality control measures, utilize premium materials, and employ skilled professionals, ensuring each project meets the highest standards of quality and durability.

Can SATX Concrete Contractors handle large-scale commercial projects?

Our team has extensive experience and the necessary resources to manage and execute large-scale commercial projects efficiently and effectively.

What makes concrete a cost-effective building material?

Concrete’s long lifespan, low maintenance needs, and energy efficiency make it a cost-effective choice for construction, offering long-term savings and value.

How does SATX Concrete Contractors calculate the cost of a project?

The cost is calculated based on various factors, including project size, complexity, material costs, labor, and any specific client requirements or customizations.

Is concrete resistant to fire?

Yes, concrete is inherently fire-resistant, providing an added layer of protection to structures and making it a safe building material.

How quickly can SATX Concrete Contractors start a project once it's been discussed and agreed upon?

We aim to commence projects as promptly as possible, following a thorough discussion, agreement, and scheduling that aligns with the client's timeline and our availability.

Is it possible to color or texture concrete for aesthetic purposes?

Yes, concrete can be colored, textured, and finished in numerous ways to achieve the desired aesthetic look, making it a versatile choice for decorative purposes.

Does SATX Concrete Contractors offer warranties on their services?

Yes, we provide warranties on our services to assure clients of our commitment to quality and reliability, and to address any potential issues post-completion.

Can damaged concrete always be repaired, or does it sometimes need to be replaced?

While many concrete damages can be repaired, some may require replacement depending on the extent and location of the damage, structural integrity, and cost-effectiveness of repair versus replacement.

How long does a concrete structure typically last?

With proper installation and maintenance, a concrete structure can last for several decades, with many structures like bridges and buildings having a lifespan exceeding 100 years.

About Lytle, Texas

Lytle, Texas, a unique city intersecting Atascosa, Bexar, and Medina counties, is rich in history and community spirit. Named after John T. Lytle in 1882, a civil engineer for the International-Great Northern Railroad, it became a focal point for ranchers and farmers for shipping and retail. Spanning approximately 4.5 square miles, it had a population of 2,492 as per the 2010 census and has been home to the Lytle Independent School District since 1884, serving the local agricultural community. This confluence of history, location, and community gives Lytle its distinct identity. 

As a premier San Antonio concrete service provider, SATX Concrete Contractors is excited to bring our specialized concrete solutions to the city of Lytle. Our skilled team is committed to meeting Lytle's unique concrete needs with the highest quality work and passion for outstanding service as we aim to play a key role in the architectural growth and evolution of the city.

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