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Ana Bruja - Khayos
Ana Bruja - Khayos
My side walk sank in due to foundation issues. Even if it was a small job they came out and did a great job at a resonable price. There was a small scheduling issue why i only gave 4/5 but the rest of the work I highly recommend. Will recommend in the future.
Joe work out
Joe work out
Excellent service from start to finish . Fabian and his guys did a great job . Definitely will recommend to friends and family. Thank you for the honest and professional work will give you a call on the next project.
Haylie A
Haylie A
SATX did a great job at demoing my driveway as well as replacing it with a new slab.
Jake Rivas
Jake Rivas
Contractor never showed up to provide an estimate.
An image displaying the construction of a concrete retaining wall and adjacent stairs in a residential outdoor space. Sunlight filters through the foliage, casting bright rays and shadows across the scene. The wall shows textural details with visible brush strokes and wood grain imprints from the formwork. Debris and construction material scatter the foreground, while the background features a green waste bin and a dense hedge, indicating an active work site with considerations for safety and cleanliness.

SATX Concrete Company La Vernia, TX

SATX Concrete Contractors in La Vernia, TX are architectural allies, transforming visions into concrete masterpieces with precision craftsmanship. Originating in Leon Valley, we now provide premium residential and commercial services marked by meticulous detail and realizing unique aspirations. Blending reliability and efficiency, we exceed expectations to deliver top-tier concrete solutions, imprinting excellence in La Vernia and beyond.

Why Choose SATX Concrete?

quality materials

Exceptional Craftsmanship with Quality Materials

We arecommitted to excellence and durability in every project. Using superior steel and fiber reinforcements, we ensure outstanding, enduring concrete results. We create resilient, long-lasting concrete impressions that stand the test of time.


Trust and Satisfaction

We are trusted partners known for high satisfaction and excellence. Our professionalism and commitment to expectations have built our reputation. We guarantee 100% satisfaction, devoted to meeting customer needs.

affordable quote

Value-Driven Services at Competitive Prices

SATX Concrete La Vernia makes quality construction affordable. We optimize value, offering budget-friendly services with superior results. Our goal is affordable excellence in concrete services.

add value to your home

Elevate Your Property’s Worth

Our specialized concrete services invest in property value enhancement. Blending aesthetic appeal, functionality, and durability builds worth. Quality, elegant concrete structures contribute to lasting property value.

Residential Concrete Services La Vernia

Our residential concrete services transform living spaces into visual treats. With superior craftsmanship and top-grade materials, we realize dreams from stylish driveways to welcoming patios to stable foundations. We blend expertise with client visions, shaping unique concrete residential masterpieces.

Freshly poured concrete driveway extension in front of a single-story home with a solar panel roof. The driveway is bordered by wooden forms and a large tree provides shade overhead. Construction materials and tools are visible on the grassy area adjacent to the driveway.

Driveway Installation

We build functional, attractive driveways with precision craftsmanship. Using premium materials and innovative techniques, we ensure durable, long-lasting results. Our concrete driveways blend resilience, elegance, and quality construction.

A close-up of a man in a navy shirt and wearing yellow gloves smoothing an edge of a wet concrete sidewalk with a trowel.

Driveway Replacement

Our driveway replacement services revitalize worn entrances. We renew appearance and function by removing old and installing new driveways. Our team provides efficient, quality driveway replacements to enhance curb appeal.

Construction workers finishing a large, curved concrete patio in a sunny backyard with seating area and green grass, in San Antonio.

Concrete Patios

Our concrete patio services transform outdoor living spaces. Using quality materials, we craft inviting, durable patios suited to your lifestyle. Our skilled team builds functional, lasting patios where memories are made.

An elegantly winding pebble walkway in a San Antonio park, bordered by natural stone and interspersed with mature trees. The path leads towards the park’s entrance, with a glimpse of construction equipment in the distance.

Concrete Sidewalks

Our concrete sidewalk services create robust, visually appealing walkways. We build compliant sidewalks with precision craftsmanship for safety and aesthetics. Every project follows local codes and regulations for quality, functional sidewalks.

Fresh concrete foundation with protruding rebar, wooden house framing in a suburban neighborhood.

Concrete Slabs

Our concrete slab services provide strong, stable foundations for constructions and additions. We build uniform, solid slabs with a meticulous approach for durability. Our slabs are resilient pillars, supporting architectural aspirations.

Construction of a wooden framework for concrete steps is underway outside a building with a yellow exterior and ornate black railings. Various tools, construction materials, and electrical cables are scattered around the site, signifying active development.

Concrete Foundations

Our concrete foundation services provide cornerstone stability for projects. Using cutting-edge techniques and quality materials, we deliver solid, reliable foundations. We construct enduring bedrock foundations to anchor dreams and aspirations.

Recently repaired square section of concrete on a driveway with orange traffic cones around it, vehicle parked nearby.

Concrete Repair

Our concrete repair services restore and revitalize worn structures. We identify issues and implement effective solutions to restore integrity and functionality, extending concrete life.

Fresh concrete being screeded with a long metal straightedge, ensuring a level surface with tools visible in the foreground.

Concrete Replacement

Our concrete replacement services install new, robust structures, removing old and worn ones. Our experienced team transforms spaces with quality replacements, enhancing aesthetics and function.

A concrete driveway extends into the foreground with a newly turned soil bed curving around a mature tree, ready for planting. In the distance, a weathered wooden fence and a single-story house with a green roof complete the suburban backdrop.

Concrete Paving

Our concrete paving creates functional, elegant surfaces with durability. We build distinguished, quality pavements using meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Concrete Construction


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Commercial Concrete Services La Vernia

Armed with extensive licensing and bonding, we stand out in executing commercial concrete flatwork projects, providing exceptional results without straining your budget. Whether your project involves crafting meticulous sidewalks, laying solid foundations, or paving resilient concrete parking lots and roads, we are a distinguished construction company with a rich history of success and a wealth of experience in the industry.

Workers finishing a new concrete slab near a sports field with chain-link fences, under an overcast sky.

Concrete Paving

Our concrete paving services create durable, visually appealing surfaces with excellent craftsmanship. We build quality pavements that blend aesthetics and functionality through meticulous detail work. Customers experience excellence in concrete paving that seamlessly unifies precision and functionality.


Workers pour concrete over rebar at construction site with red boom pump and excavation background.

Commercial Foundations

Our commercial foundation services are built with stability and strength using top materials. Our expert team uses cutting-edge techniques to create enduring, reliable bases for structures. We lay the groundwork that anchors commercial endeavors with critical stability for safety and longevity.

Workers finishing a large concrete floor for an outdoor event space with string lights and trees in San Antonio.

Commercial Slabs

Our commercial slab services elevate constructions with strong, uniform slabs. We provide robust bases for brilliant architectural projects with our precise, quality-driven approach. Our services deliver resilience and flawless execution, setting the stage for enduring commercial structures.


Newly finished concrete driveway leading to a landscaped house yard, with a clear texture and control joints visible.


Our walkways service crafts elegant, artistic passages - not just functional routes. We build sophisticated walkways that guide with grace, combining quality construction and aesthetic appeal. Clients can pave journeys with enduring charm through our commitment to refined elegance.

Black metal handrail beside concrete steps leading to a wooden door of a brick building with green shrubbery.

ADA Ramps

We craft ADA-compliant ramps devoted to accessibility for all. Our services adhere to guidelines, building ramps as symbols of equality and functionality. We specialize in constructing safe, reliable access that embraces inclusivity through care and accessibility.

Concrete construction san antionio

Storage Buildings

We construct robust, secure storage buildings tailored to your needs. Our expert team focuses on optimizing space and protecting possessions. Choose our services to safeguard valuables in durable, reliable structures resonating security.

parking lot paving company


Our parks service creates serene natural retreats in open spaces. We transform concrete jungles by building inviting park landscapes. These landscape parks provide communal spaces where people can relax and enjoy nature.


A textured concrete pathway with a stamped design, flanked by a bed of small stones, next to a structure with white siding.


We build quality curbs with specialized services. Our curbs function as barriers while improving the landscape's appearance. We add tasteful design details that enhance boundaries around properties.

Unlock the Benefits of Concrete Construction

Concrete construction in La Vernia provides enduring strength, versatility, and sustainability. This resilient, eco-friendly material minimizes maintenance while braving time, weather, and elements. Despite the higher initial cost, concrete's energy efficiency and adaptability make it a prudent long-term investment.

Unmatched Durability

Concrete is very durable and resilient. It lasts longer than other building materials when exposed to weather, temperature extremes, and heavy use. Concrete maintains its strength and appearance over time, needing fewer repairs. This saves money long-term. Concrete is a good option in La Vernia because it withstands the area's changing weather.


Concrete is a prudent financial choice despite substantial initial costs due to minimal long-term maintenance. The durability and longevity provide continuing benefits to balance the upfront investment. Energy efficiency also leads to significant savings on heating and cooling costs, making concrete cost-efficient for budget-conscious construction projects.

Environmental Friendliness

Concrete is made from natural raw materials like limestone, reducing the use of limited resources. Concrete's reflective properties decrease urban heat islands for a more sustainable environment. Recycling concrete promotes sustainable building practices without sacrificing quality or appearance.


Versatility in Design

Concrete offers unmatched versatility in design and aesthetics. Its moldability allows endless shapes, textures, and patterns to create functional, visually appealing structures. This adaptability suits any project, from modern commercial buildings to intricate residential projects, showcasing concrete's creative potential whether a simple sidewalk or a complex architectural marvel.

Enhanced Safety and Security

Concrete offers safety and security with fire, rot, and mold resistance to minimize risk and enhance wellbeing. Its durability provides protection from severe weather and natural disasters prone in some areas. For La Vernia, concrete brings peace of mind by investing in the community's health and safeguarding against environmental threats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can concrete structures be environmentally friendly?

Absolutely. Concrete structures, when designed and built with sustainability in mind, can be environmentally friendly. The use of eco-friendly concrete mixtures, optimized energy design, and other sustainable construction practices contribute to the environmentally friendliness of concrete structures.

How often should concrete be sealed?

Generally, it is recommended to reseal outdoor concrete every 2 to 3 years. However, the frequency may vary depending on the weather conditions, the amount of traffic it receives, and the type of sealer used.

What’s the difference between concrete and cement?

Cement is a binder, a substance used in construction that sets and hardens and can bind other materials together. Concrete is a composite material composed of fine and coarse aggregate bonded together with a fluid cement that hardens over time.

Can damaged concrete always be repaired?

While much damage to concrete can be repaired, the possibility and method of repair depend on the extent and type of damage. In some severe cases, replacement might be the more viable option.

What is stamped concrete?

Stamped concrete is textured and/or patterned or embossed to resemble brick, slate, flagstone, stone, tile, wood, and various other patterns and textures. It is often used for patios, sidewalks, driveways, pool decks, and interior flooring.

How long should new concrete cured before it’s used?

Generally, it’s recommended to allow at least 28 days for the concrete to achieve full strength, although it can be walkable after 48 hours and drivable after a week, depending on environmental conditions and the specific mix used.

Can you pour concrete in the rain?

Pouring concrete in the rain can compromise its strength and finish. It’s usually best to postpone the pour until the weather improves or to take preventive measures like using a protective cover.

How does weather affect pouring concrete?

Extreme temperatures, rain, or prolonged exposure to the sun can affect the curing process of concrete. For instance, pouring concrete in very hot weather can lead to rapid curing, which may induce cracking, while cold weather may prevent the concrete from setting.

How do I choose the right concrete contractor?

When choosing a concrete contractor, consider their experience, reputation, and portfolio of previous work. It’s also crucial to ensure they are licensed, bonded, and insured and to get a written contract detailing the scope of work, cost, and timeline.

Can concrete increase property value?

Yes, well-designed and properly installed concrete structures like driveways, walkways, and patios can enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of a property, potentially leading to an increase in property value.

About La Vernia, TX

La Vernia, Texas, nestled in Wilson County, is a charming town steeped in history and vibrant community life. Established around 1850 and marked by the inception of a Presbyterian church in 1851 by W. R. Wiseman, it carries a rich heritage. Situated at the convergence of U.S. Highway 87 and FM 775, it’s a mere 24 miles southeast of San Antonio, offering a harmonious blend of suburban tranquility and urban conveniences, and is reputed as one of the most inviting places to reside in Texas. The La Vernia Municipal Development District fosters responsible growth, enhancing the tax base and spawning quality employment opportunities, making La Vernia a delightful mix of historical and contemporary living in the Lone Star State. 

SATX Concrete Contractors is expanding premium services to La Vernia to support the town's growth as a renowned San Antonio concrete provider. Our proficient team focuses on quality, communication, and passion for distinctive concrete solutions from foundations and designs to repairs and maintenance. We aspire to be a reliable ally in concrete services, improving infrastructure and appeal as La Vernia evolves.

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