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Ana Bruja - Khayos
Ana Bruja - Khayos
My side walk sank in due to foundation issues. Even if it was a small job they came out and did a great job at a resonable price. There was a small scheduling issue why i only gave 4/5 but the rest of the work I highly recommend. Will recommend in the future.
Joe work out
Joe work out
Excellent service from start to finish . Fabian and his guys did a great job . Definitely will recommend to friends and family. Thank you for the honest and professional work will give you a call on the next project.
Haylie A
Haylie A
SATX did a great job at demoing my driveway as well as replacing it with a new slab.
Jake Rivas
Jake Rivas
Contractor never showed up to provide an estimate.
Overlooking a construction site, a vast concrete slab rests amidst an array of wooden forms and protruding steel rods, signifying ongoing work. Trees and shrubbery encircle the area, contrasting the gray, solid surface with the natural surroundings on a bright sunny day.

SATX Concrete Company China Grove, TX

At SATX Concrete Contractors in China Grove, TX, we create durable, attractive concrete that withstands time. Our unmatched expertise serves residential and commercial projects in this thriving community. Our dedicated team relentlessly pursues excellence, ensuring every project manifests precision. For prompt, trustworthy concrete solutions in China Grove - from intricate installations to repairs to decorative designs - choose SATX Concrete to bring your ideas into concrete reality.

Why Choose SATX China Grove?

quality materials

Superior Quality Materials

In every project, we utilize top-notch steel ties and reinforcing fibers, ensuring that your investment results in durable, premier outcomes. Our meticulous approach ensures that every piece of concrete we lay is of unparalleled quality, giving you lasting results and peace of mind.


Unwavering Trust and Quality

We value the trust and confidence that residents bestow upon us. We are steadfast in prioritizing customer contentment and maintaining the highest levels of professionalism in every project we embark on. SATX Concrete stands firmly behind its craftsmanship with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, committed to rectifying any aspects that don’t meet your expectations, ensuring your absolute satisfaction.

affordable quote

Affordable Excellence

Finding affordability can be challenging. At SATX Concrete, we offer competitive pricing to make high-quality concrete attainable, so you can complete dream projects on a budget.

add value to your home

Elevating Property Value

Our skilled services boost your property's value. We provide attractive, durable, functional concrete solutions that increase your property's worth and appeal, making it stand out in the real estate market.

Residential Concrete Services China Grove

We can help you upgrade your driveway, build a relaxing patio, or strengthen your foundation. Our skilled team uses top-quality materials and meticulous workmanship to turn your residential concrete ideas into reality. Count on us to transform your concrete visions into durable projects.

Freshly poured concrete driveway extending to a single-story home with a large, mature tree providing shade on a sunny day. The driveway is bordered by a suburban street on the front and a wooden fence to the side, leading to a carport attached to the house. There's construction material and a wheelbarrow on the grassy area beside the driveway, indicating recent work. A silver pickup truck is parked partially in frame on the right side, with another home visible in the background, illustrating a typical residential neighborhood setting.

Driveway Installation

Our driveway installations redefine first impressions with functional, attractive designs. Meticulous workmanship ensures each driveway welcomes you home, blending practicality and style. We create driveways that complement your home for an appealing arrival experience.

The photo shows a newly extended section of a concrete driveway with a curved curb, adjoining a prepared soil bed. In the background, a residential street with parked trailers suggests a neighborhood in the midst of landscaping and construction activity.

Driveway Replacement

Refresh old, damaged driveways with our precise driveway replacements. We offer long-lasting solutions that blend with your property's look and needs. Our renewal enhances functionality and beauty, not just replacement.

A newly poured concrete patio with steps beside a house with stone and stucco exterior, lush green grass in the yard, in San Antonio.

Concrete Patios

Create a personal relaxing space with our attractive concrete patios. We build patios that are structurally sound and visually appealing, enhancing your outdoor leisure time. Our patios transform your outdoor space into a functional, beautiful retreat.

A freshly poured concrete driveway extension alongside a modern white house with distinctive black geometric designs on the porch area. The driveway is smooth and gray, bordered by wooden planks used as forms. Construction materials and tools are scattered around the site, with a residential neighborhood in the background. A potted plant and various construction supplies can be seen near the open garage.

Concrete Sidewalks

Our concrete sidewalks are designed for durability and function. We build walkways that are long-lasting and safe for travel. Our sidewalks focus on practical strength over elegance.

A newly poured concrete foundation sits adjacent to a house undergoing renovations. French doors and a partially insulated exterior wall are visible, with the foundation framed by wooden supports. The clear shadows and bright sunlight indicate work in progress on a crisp day.

Concrete Slabs

Our concrete slabs provide a solid, stable base. We build strong foundations that securely support your projects. Count on our concrete bases to create a firm groundwork for your plans.

A residential driveway-to-be is laid out with a grid of rebar, ready for concrete pouring, framed by wooden forms. Two workers rest in the background near the home's entrance, suggesting a brief respite in a day of hard work under an overcast sky.

Concrete Foundations

Start your building projects with our robust, reliable concrete foundations. We meticulously craft foundations to support complex structures and heavy weights, ensuring long-term stability. Our foundations provide a durable, steady base for your construction endeavors.

Worker in a high-visibility jacket using a concrete saw to cut through a concrete surface, creating a dust cloud.

Concrete Repair

Maintain your concrete with our fast, efficient repair services. We quickly fix issues to restore strength and appearance, extending the lifespan of your concrete. Our repairs preserve structural integrity and aesthetics.

Concrete walkway with a pile of broken pieces and a chainsaw nearby, indicating ongoing construction or repair work.

Concrete Replacement

Our detailed concrete replacements revitalize your space when repairs aren't enough. We integrate new, resilient installations that are visually appealing and meet your needs. Our replacements aim to rejuvenate with durable, functional concrete tailored to you.

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Concrete Paving

Our refined concrete paving combines durability and attractiveness. We meticulously construct surfaces that add value and beauty to your property. Our paving creates long-lasting, visually appealing concrete finishes.

Concrete Construction


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About China Grove, TX

China Grove, situated merely 10 miles from San Antonio in Bexar County, Texas, carries a unique and interesting history. The town received its name, "China Grove," because it was once a pivotal water stop for the Texas and New Orleans Railroad, nestled among a group of chinaberry trees, symbolizing its rich railroad heritage from the 1860s. China Grove gained musical fame, serving as the muse for The Doobie Brothers' classic song, "China Grove," penned by Tom Johnston, giving the town recognition far beyond its borders. While the town's deeper community history remains largely unexplored in common records, its colorful past and noteworthy contributions to music and rail transport add to its distinct identity.

SATX Concrete Contractors brings top-quality concrete services to China Grove to support the town's growth. As a leading San Antonio concrete provider, we offer unmatched concrete solutions for China Grove homes and businesses. Our skilled team builds strong foundations, and attractive decorative concrete, and performs repairs - tailored to the community's needs. We are dedicated to transparent communication and quality work in China Grove. Rely on us as a dependable partner for all your concrete needs to elevate infrastructure and appeal.

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